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1/7/12 06:24 pm - Dane wysłane | Glamity - Glamour & Vanity

Dane wysłane | Glamity - Glamour & Vanity check this out!

7/8/10 11:08 pm

so...when I went to by grandparents I got to know that my fav dog died. well...do you know who told me? not my grandparents...my cousin, who is 5. I knew then that I cant start crying. not when i'm not alone. I went to the other dog. I started to play with him. and I was feeling tears on my cheeks. I let them do this. coz I know that I'm not strong enough to say 'no, not this time'. that was on Saturday. today I was watching a photos with Punia... I bet that there wont be another dog, who will try to steel my cutlet. I wont forget this. I was 6 or 7 then. maybe 5. I was hungry so I went to the kitchen and took a cutlet. I decided to went outside. I sat on the sunbed and started to eat. she was trying to jump to the sun bed. but she was small and I came to conclusion that she wont do this. well I was wrong. she did it. so I put my hand up with the cutlet. and she had pud on my chest. I've pictures! its 11pm so I will post them tomorrow. and I remember that when she was born my grandpa started to call her 'Punia' . firstly I hated this name. and I was angry with my grandpa. but later I started to like it. today I went to my mum, hug her and started to cry. why? i dont know. but I needed it. now i feel better. and I wont forget about her. oh...well I forgot about crucial thing. why she died? she breed puppies. and one of them was death and stayed in her stomach. my grandparents didnt know about it. heh...who knows about it? I guess no one. why? coz we cant see inside somebody stomach.I think thats all what I've wanted to write.


6/26/10 03:56 pm

okay....17% bettery low. <no idea where is the wire to load> so yesterday was anniversary, one year since Michael Jackson slipped away. well i felt inside that i have to post here sth. only a few words. so when he died people started to told everyone that they love him!  and they 've did this a long time after his death. but it was and it is fake. who of them really know when he was born? how many CDs he recorded? well its okay when someone started to like him before. but the others... do they want only be on the top? they're cool coz they love Michael! isnt it cool?! yeah, some of ppl can started to like him after his death but they don show it! they suffer inside or dont. so tweets on Twitter like 'lets do #ripmj TT' are stupid! so at the Twitter one girl did a hype! she retweeted other ppl tweets. okay she can like him..but for me its fake. i love Michael. I've started to love him years ago! i dont know when exactly. when i was 5? 7? i dont know. Michael Jackson was  the greatest entertainer of our time and impacted millions and millions of people around the world. artists can only imagine having a sliver of the success or the meaning that Mr. Jackson had.   I just want to offer my sincerest condolences to the Jackson family. I can't believe that he is gone. it definitly hasn't sunk in yet. one thing is for certain though- Michael Jackson will NEVER be forgotten. irreplaceable, innovative, genius, captivating. even posthumously, Mr. Jackson will continue to inspire people everywhere. lets all remember this incredible man not for the scandals that may have surrounded him, but for the remarkable contributions he made to music and  pop-culture as we know it. he will be GREATLY missed. he was my love, inspiration and bless.




PS. haha...cool 'a few words'

6/19/10 07:25 pm - first post here!

well....its my first post here and i have no idea what should i write here. first...i don know exactly since when but i'm writing 'firt' insted of 'first'. its my second blog in eEnglish...i used to write in Polish. so i decided to write here because of Nene Kennedy. she got hacked and her blog at blogshot was deleted. so she was asking where should she have next blog i wrote that on livejournal;d and i'm writing here;d  I baked a cake 2day..i guess i will post a photo later.
so this CD rlz for now! two songs sounds like Ke$ha and its cool! Rapping Miley? of course! she sounds awesome! rapping Gwen Stefani sounds quite good but it wasnt it. i love the lyrics, especially 'whatddya' i didnt know that this form even exist! wow. 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn'  well...there is a similarity to Bette Midler's song - 'The Rose'. maybe the message isnt the same but i've read Miley's autobiography - 'Miles To Go' and i know that she likes this song and she even cries when she's listening to it! so i guess thats her inspiration. but for me the best song from this album is 'My Heart Beats For Love' well this song is just fabulously beautiful! so buy this CD its really worth it! 

haha...its funny coz i know that no one will read this post. haha...so that all for know i quess...
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